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M58 KGB Uniforms

New uniforms were introduced for officers and extended (or careeer) service personnel on 29 March 1958. These new regulations did not affect regular conscript enlisted personnel, nor was the officer's field uniform altered.

The M55 steel grey double breasted tuzhurka parade tunic and the M43 high collar single breasted kitel service tunic were replaced by an olive open-neck, turned-down collar, single breasted tunic fastened with 4 brass buttons. This tunic, which resembled a western single-breasted suit, is the same cut as the M69 officer's parade and service tunics.

M58 Officer's Parade Uniform

This uniform consisted of a peaked cap, tunic, and trousers or breeches. The peaked cap was khaki with royal blue band and piping. It had a gold braid cap cord and a two-piece wreathed cockade badge that resembled the M69 air forces officer's service cap badge. The khaki tunic was unpiped but had royal blue collar tabs with gold edging and a gold branch of service device and gold boards with royal blue stripes and piping sewn on. Trousers and breeches were dark blue with royal blue piping down the outside seams. The uniform was worn with black boots or shoes, gold parade belt, light green shirt and olive tie, and all orders, medals, and badges.

M58 Officer's Service Uniform

This uniforms was identical to the officer's parade uniform with a few exceptions. The peaked cap was worn with a black leather cap cord and a simple oval service cap badge. The tunic was worn with unpiped royal blue collar tabs and olive boards with royal blue stripes. The parade belt was not worn and ribbons were substituted for medals.

M58 Parade & Service Uniforms for Extended Service Personnel

Enlisted personnel who chose to extend their terms of service were given many perks including the right to wear officer style uniforms. These uniforms only differed slightly from the officers' uniforms described above. The only notable differences with the parade uniform were that regular (royal blue) enlisted parade boards were worn and that the uniform was worn with a brown leather two-pin belt. The service uniform was likewise worn with regular (khaki) enlisted service boards and a red star cap badge replaced the officer's oval badge.

M58 Field Officer Uniform Hat

The only change to field uniforms brought about in 1958 was the introduction of a subdued, all khaki peaked hat with subdued oval cockade, the M43 field gymnastiorka remained in service with officers until 1969..


M58 KGB Officer Parade peaked hat. This khaki hat with royal blue band and piping has 1950's era two-piece brass and hot-enamel cap badge. This cap badge was used on all M58 officer parade peaked caps. However, it resembles the cap badge used on M69 Air Force officer service peaked caps. The M69 AF cap badge is one-piece aluminum with cold-enamel.