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This page covers Air Force Generals' Victory Parade uniforms.

Air Force Generals M1945 Parade Uniform

M1945 "Victory Parade" uniform for a Lieutenant General of the Red Army Air Force. Unlike later air force general's uniforms, which were made of dark blue cloth, the M45 parade uniform is made of the same colour cloth as army general's uniforms - sea-green (wave-green) castor wool. The chief difference is that air force generals uniforms use the sky blue branch of service colour for tunic piping (collar, cuffs, front seam and rear vents), trouser piping and stripes and hat band and piping. In addition, the hat badge has sky blue enamel in the centre instead of red. Air force generals Victory Parade uniforms are quite rare and have gone up in value over the past year greatly. This is a superb example including the ultra rare silver and blue M1943 belt ( see section on belts).

Air Force Major-General in M1945 Parade Uniform

This Major General of the Red Air Force wears his Victory Parade tunic with one button removed on the left side as was done in 1945 ( though it was also done by some generals after 1945).

Air Force Marshal's M1945 Parade Uniform

M1945 "Victory Parade" uniform for Air Marshal Voroshekin, deputy head of the Red Air Force in WWII. Combat branch Marshals VP uniforms have some distinct features. Note that the cuff and collar use the branch of service colour, in this case sky blue. Tank and Artillery Marshals had black collars and cuffs. However, Technical branch Marshals ( Engineering and Signals) are not thought to have had branch colouring on the cuff and collar. Also note the large Marshals insignia on the boards. Only Air Marshals had the air insignia on the boards; all Air generals rank shoulder boards were simply piped in sky blue. This tunic shows some water damage and the hat needed some restoration, but both are still very attractive. In terms of numbers, Air Marshals are rarer than Marshals of the USSR!

Close-up of Air Marshal's Collar

Close up of the collar embroidery of Air Marshal Voroshekin's VP tunic. Note light blue colour.

Close-up of Air Marshal's Sleeve Cuff

Sleeve cuff of Air Marshal Voroshekin's M1945 parade tunic. Note the wider than usual leaves on the cuffs.