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This page covers NKVD & NKGB Generals' Victory Parade uniforms.

NKVD Major-Generals M1945 Parade Uniform

The M1945 Victory Parade Generals uniform of NKVD Major General Daniil Esipenko, deputy head of the Partisan Movement in the Ukraine. Note the cap badge with royal blue enamel background, the only difference between NKVD generals and infantry generals. This holds true for the state security and interior troops directorates of the NKVD, generals from some other NKVD branches like railway, border guards and militia have more distinct uniforms. Beware of copies of NKVD generals cap badges being put on infantry generals uniforms with the price jacked way up! This example is a named example which came with documents (many of which are in the folders seen in the image) and photos, and was purchased from the family. Be very wary of non-documented NKVD VP generals uniforms.

NKVD General Sudoplatov in M1945 Parade Uniform - Cuff Detail

NKVD General Sudaplatov wearing his M1945 Victory Parade uniform poses with his family in late 1945.

NKVD Railroad GULAG Convoy Troops Major-Generals M1945 Parade Uniform

A unique NKVD Generals M1945 tunic. This uniform, made of black wool and has magenta piping, was for Major General Makareyev, head of NKVD-GULAG railroad transportation.

NKVD Militia Commissar 3rd Ranks (Major-General) M1945 Parade Uniform

The M1945 "Victory Parade" uniform for a Major-General of the NKVD Militia (Police). Militia ranks are different and Major-General equals Commissar 3rd Rank. The uniform is dark blue wool (not sea green) and has red trim. The boards and embroidery are silver instead of gold. There are conflicting accounts of this uniform coming into use in either 1945 or 1947. In 1947 NKVD Militia officers and enlisted personnel switched from their dark blue with light blue trim uniforms to dark blue with red trim uniforms.