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This page covers Victory Parade uniform accessories such as belts.

M43 Infantry General's Parade Belt

M1943 army belt with red stripes for generals of rifles, artillery, and tank troops. These are the most common of the M1943 belts but should still be considered quite rare. The gold belts used after September 1945 are by far more common. Most collectors who have an army VP are looking to get an example of this belt so that their generals VP uniform will be true 'World War II'.

M43 Air Force General's Parade Belt

The rarest of the three M1943 belts shown is that for Air Force Generals and Air Marshals. As of now only three examples have surfaced, one in the west and two in Russia.

M43 Technical General's Parade Belt

Also used by the army was the M1943 belt for technical generals (engineering, signals) with magenta stripes. Rare, but not a rare as one would think. Quite a few examples of this belt have been seen, more than the number of technical generals VP uniforms that have appeared. That has led to a few explanations. One is that these were used also on regular army generals uniforms that had red piping, without the Soviets distinguishing between the red and magenta belts. Or, a more likely explanation, the Soviets simply over produced this type of belt.